Ian's Links

Greentrax is Scotland's leading traditional music recording company with a well earned wordwide reputation. Launched in 1986 by Ian Green, the company has released over 500 albums. Bruce & Walker are delighted to have been signed up by Greentrax for their new album due for release in early 2014.
Fellside Recordings is run solely by Paul & Linda Adams and was first established in 1976. It started life as a small, local mobile recording facility and has grown into one of the leading independent specialist folk music and jazz labels, with an international reputation.
The New Makars Trust exists to support the development and performance of songs about life in Scottish communities. Projects of the Trust have involved established songwriters working with different community groups to create and perform songs about life in their communities. Songwriters from the Trust set out to work with, not for community groups, and will always give encouragement to those wishing to participate in writing and performing songs.
International Songwriters Association Ltd was founded in October 1967 to publish Songwriter Magazine.
The TMSA was established in 1966 to promote, present and preserve the traditional music and song heritage of Scotland.
The PRS collects and distributes licence fees for the public performance and broadcast of musical works. The MCPS collects and distributes 'mechanical' royalties generated from the recording of music onto many different formats. This income is distributed to their members - writers and publishers of music.  The MCPS-PRS Alliance manages common activities, services both societies and is jointly owned by them.
The Musicians' Union represents over thirty thousand musicians working in all sectors of the music business.
Louis is the photographer behind the images on the album, Singing the River.