July 01, 2022

IAN WALKER BAND some reviews and comments

Nitten Folk Club Newtongrange June 2022

What a cracking night at Nitten Folk Club last night.

We’d heard of the Ian Walker Band of course but had never actually seen them play live.... read more

January 06, 2011

“Singing the River” by Paul Davis

Quality American grassroots artistes rightly glory in what they call their “Americana” musical roots genre. In the UK, I’d like to birth the “Britannica” musical folk-genre for... read more
January 01, 2011

“Singing the River” reviewed by Ian Bruce

Ian Walker is someone who could have summoned any of his high ranking peers to write notes on these songs, if he was one of those kind of blokes. He’s so unassuming and I’m so made up... read more
January 01, 2011

“Singing the River” by Alastair McDonald

The place, Glenfarg Folk Club…the year, 1983 (I think!)...the occasion, a 24 hour singaround to raise attention & hopefully, some money, for world hunger, prompted by the increasing TV... read more
January 12, 2003

“Beats of the Heart” by Hector Christie

This (Beats of the Heart) is a re-release on a single CD of two previous albums by Ian, “Flying High” (1987), and “Shadows in Time” (1989). The second album was a good’un, and... read more
June 01, 1993

Foreword to “Ring Around the Moon” by Archie Fisher

“His apprenticeship had carried him through a series of development stages beginning with the early imprint of Pete Seeger’s forceful simplicity, which put a banjo in his hands, and... read more
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